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First off we’d just like to give you kudos for taking that first step and looking into training options so you and your dog can learn to live happily ever after together.   We believe that inside every handful of a dog is a great dog just waiting to be discovered. 

We offer a variety of unique services to assist your family with the best care and training for your dog;  from in home manners training, to fitness and sport programs, to boarding that offers all the comforts of home with special attention and  acres of room to romp in a secure fenced setting.


Welcome To Brown Dog University Headquarters!

Our training programs are always individually tailored to meet the needs of your family with the consideration of the best learning style for your dog.   Just like people, not all dogs and situations are created equal when it comes to learning to learn.   A special needs rescue who is cautious and shy may need a different training plan compared the 11-month old exuberant beagle who would rather run laps around the dog park than come when called.  

Training should always be fair, clear, compassionate, and fun!   We utilize clear and positive communication to encourage your dog to seek out good behavior and to help eliminate unwanted behaviors.

We share the same compassion for your dog as we do our very own.   A job well done is always praised.   Seeing a dog make the right choice when given so many other options is what it’s all about.    Bonding with your dog is an important part of finding that inner greatness in your dog.   Dogs are very social beings, and their training improves by leaps and bounds when they are an active part of the home in which they live.

We respect that unique connection between dogs and people and believe that owning a dog is not just a commitment or responsibility but a lifestyle.  

Compassionate and Fair -

              Custom tailored training you can build on.

We love all kinds of dogs!   But labradors have been part of our life for over 40 years.  We have two Chocolate Labs, and two Yellows that share the couch with us every night along with our frequent other canine guests.  We have rescued, rehabilitated, and placed many labs over the years into their forever homes.   Our home is not a home without a pile o’ labs.

Kristi Baird and her dogs have been on the Outdoor Channel, ESPN, and across the US and Canada competing, and hosting training seminars for the sport of DockDogs and even just showing folks how to have fun with their dogs.

We believe in versatile labs, and when we’re not flying the labs record heights and distances over a swimming pool, we also train for hunting upland birds and waterfowl, Rally Obedience, Agility, Therapy Dogs International, as well as service tasks and trick training for  commercial talent work. 

These are skills we can work on with just about any dog.    But if you have the need for a labrador specialist... you found us!

Gig Harbor, Washington

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It’s True... labradors are us!

Owner & Trainer Kristi Baird with  Brown Dog University’s official greeter - “Henna”

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