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Healthy Long Lives

At 11 1/2 years old, Henna is still full of it.  Due to a careful diet, natural supplements, and low and no impact daily exercise, this labrador senior citizen is hard to slow down.   She still enjoys an evening game of frisbee, jumping off docks for her toy, and can still swim longer than any of our young boys during the winter months.


  1. -.Dogs must have had a current health check

  2. -Copy of your dogs surgical/post surgical record if possible.

  3. -Owners supply the dogs food. (This reduces stomach upset when away from home)

  4. -Collar with a current ID tag.

  5. -Dogs must be people-friendly with other adults and children.

  6. -Dogs must be dog-friendly.

  7. -Dogs must be well mannered.


Call us to learn what we can do to help make your dog a fit and healthy dog!  

Vaccinations Required




Titers are accepted

Heartworm Prevention

Flea Preventative

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Did your vet give you ‘the lecture’ at your dog’s last checkup?   You’re not alone!  According to statistics over 53% of dogs are overweight or obese.   Also according to statistics, a large amount of owners are in denial about our own pet’s health leading to a decrease in longevity of our furry friends by 2 or more years. 

The Five Most Common Risk Factors of Overweight Pets:

  1. Osteoarthritis and Poor Joint Health

  2. Insulin Resistance & Type 2 Diabetes

  3. Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury

  4. Heart & Respiratory Disease

  5. Kidney Disease

  6. Cancer

          (courtesy of the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention)

Brown Dog University to the rescue!  Maintaining your dog’s health isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think.  Fortunately for our dogs, they have their own personal chef.   To them exercise is fun and usually involves time with their most favorite person in the world... you! 

Returning to the dog park after injury or surgery is a great goal.   Typically new injuries can occur once your dog is released for long walks and off leash play just after recovery.   During their crate time, splint time, or down time muscles can atrophy, and ligaments tend to get lazy.   Now is the time to spend a few weeks gradually working specific muscle groups, strengthening core muscles, and building up endurance so that your dog can return to running leash free in the surf on the beach without the worry of eminent injury.

Kristi has hands on experience dealing with the aftermath of traumatic surgeries and long recoveries.  At Brown Dog U we can work with you to create a conditioning plan to help get your best hiking buddy back on the trail or your star athlete back in tip top condition.   Depending on your dog’s needs we can work with veterinary staff to incorporate physical therapy, laser treatment visits, and travel to other special need facilities (ie: underwater treadmill, massage appointments, vet appointments).

Please feel free to contact us regarding your special needs or concerns


Weight Loss, Rehabilitation, and Conditioning