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Personalized Training

Kristi handling her rescue dog, Buddy, during a National DockDogs competition.

Kristi and Buddy have held several dock jumping records, enjoyed numerous National and World championship wins and in 2011 were inducted into the DockDogs Hall Of Fame.

Rates & Requirements

Call us to talk dog!   We can help you teach your dog to be a wonderfully healthy, happy, well mannered house mate.

Vaccinations Required




Titers are accepted

Heartworm Prevention

Flea Preventative

Fecal test

Gig Harbor, Washington

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At Brown Dog University we believe that having a dog should be an enjoyable and fun part of your life.  Whether your looking to work on basic manners or are just looking for better management tools, we can help!

Large group classes can be good for the right person and a specific curriculum.     But with a minute by minute comparison, why not enjoy 60 minutes of one on one instruction for roughly the same cost.  No distractions, no unengaged participants.  Just you, your family, and your dog! 

Brown Dog U offers customized private instruction to deal directly with the needs of each individual family and their dog, from first time dog owners to those looking to work on specific issues or sport coaching for dock diving.  Families will be expected to work on daily homework assignments in between sessions.

We offer 3 and 6 session packages, and offer a flexible training schedule to meet your needs no matter what your life or work schedule is like.   Instruction is generally held at Brown Dog U Headquarters but may include working one on one in your own yard, dog park, or other locations depending on the needs of your dog.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your special needs or concerns


Private Instruction Basic Manners, Off Leash Control, Household Management, Shyness or Wildness,  K9 Sports