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Specialized Training

Kristi working with her lab, Muck, while on set for a television commercial

Board & Train Rates

  1. -Each program is customized for your individual dog

  2. -Please call for rates


  1. -Reservations are required (space is extremely limited).

  1. -Dogs over 12 months old must be spayed or neutered (some exceptions can be discussed).

  1. -Owners supply the dogs food. (This reduces stomach upset when away from home)

  1. -Collar with a current ID tag.

  1. -Call us for more information.

  1. -Owners must purchase training equipment if needed (ie: E-Collar, training birds)

  1. -Owners are encouraged to participate in the included free follow up Private Training Sessions after their dog’s training camp.

Vaccinations Required




Titers are accepted

Heartworm Prevention

Flea Prevention

Fecal test

Gig Harbor, Washington

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Whether you just can’t find the time to fit in 8 weeks of manners classes and daily training homework with your pup, you’re looking to to work on specific training issues, or you just want a solid foundation to build on...Consider sending your pup to work hands on with the trainer at Brown Dog University. 

Your dog will in the home of  World Champion and DockDogs Hall of Fame competitor and trainer, Kristi Baird.  We make sure that your dog will receive ample exercise and play breaks along with extraordinary training, management and socialization.  Learning important household rules is experienced day in an day out during training bootcamp.  With our board and train program we believe in full submersion training.  Every moment of your dog’s day is related to their training.  

Upon pick-up, your dog's training skills will be demonstrated, and we will make certain that you can handle your dog, and that he responds to the commands from you, prior to your departure.  That's the most important part!  Your pick-up appointment will last approximately two - three hours, and we won't send you home until we see that you are able to comfortably work the same commands we have trained with your own dog.

Three Week Basic Bootcamp

At the end of three weeks of professional training at Brown Dog University, most dogs will have the expertise of dogs that have attended an 8 week Obedience class with their owners (including practicing their obedience homework skills 3 times a day over the course of the class).  Many will be well beyond that level of training.  But, they will also have experienced impeccable management and comprehensive socialization which is not possible for dogs attending a beginner obedience class.  As always, training programs can be customized to meet the needs of your family.  **Includes follow up instruction

Three Week Puppy Camp

For aspiring good dogs from 12 weeks - 5 months of age. Puppies receive special attention, comprehensive socialization with men, women, children and like dogs .  We place a special emphasis on confidence building, potty training, and simple positively reinforced obedience.  Puppy camp is a great alternative to boarding when you have to be away during the early months, but is also an excellent way to jump start training before beginning weekly training sessions with your new dog. 

**Includes follow up instruction

Three Week Retriever Primer

So you have a hunting dog.  Now what???   Brown Dog University speaks retriever.   We offer the rare opportunity for your hunting dog to live inside the home with the trainer without the kennel setting that many field trainers utilize as part of their bird dog programs.  This program will vary depending on your needs, but typically addresses gun fire, bird scenting, beginning blind work, high distraction field recalls, handling multiple marks, and e-collar conditioning.   As will all programs at Brown Dog University, we work with you to build a training program around your hunting needs and the individuality of your dog.  You will meet with the trainer for up to 90 minutes during your first visit to discuss your specific training goals and assess you and your dog as a team.

Dogs will be crated periodically as part of the retriever training program, and at night for safety.  Dogs that get along with other dogs will work some retrieving drills with other social dogs, and play with some canine friends.  We like to utilize play as an import part of balancing work and keeping drive and spirits high during retriever training. 

**Includes follow up instruction

**Two 1 hour follow-up training sessions are part of any of our board & train programs, with additional single session training or multi-day training packages available if you wish to continue further with your training (in your home or here at Brown Dog Acres). 

Please feel free to contact us regarding your special needs or concerns


Training Bootcamp, Socialization, and Management